Raspberry Pi 4 – Water-cooled


What started as a chance to play with a Raspberry Pi and get ESXi ri=unning on it has moved into water cooling it, not because it needs it, but rather it’s nerdy and cool.

The chassis is from Aliexpress, made of acrylic, and comes as a kit. Had to slightly modify it to make it fit with the pump. Link

The pump is from Ebay, if you search for ‘PC water pump’ you’ll find a few of them, the small problem was that the Pi puts out 5v for the chassis fan, but the pump is 12v. At this stage, I’m looking into a BEC which can step down 12v to 5v and also run 12v.

Heatsink – is a combination of customer acrylic and 30mm aluminium block with 8mm pipes. You can grab one from this guy, it Aus based which is nice. Link

The radiator is straight from Ebay as well, 120mm to be exact, again a quick search will bring it up.

Chassis mod, the chassis is held together with 4 steel bolts, I had to ditch the two front ones and super glue the fan mount into the acrylic. No big issue as I can always undo the rear ones and add another plate if needed. But, I’m running a separate external 240GB SSD in its own chassis.

I’ll update the project further….

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